Published: Mar 31, 2023

The Epidemiology of Coxiella infections in Domestic Animals and Humans in ‎Nigeria: A Review

1-12 A. Y. Baba, S. N. A. Saidu, B. Y. Kaltungo, S. Ibrahim, U. H. Buhari (Author)

Assessment of Abattoir Workers’ Knowledge, Perceptions and Preventive ‎Preparedness during COVID-19 Pandemic in North-central Nigeria: The ‎Health Belief Model

13-21 N. B. Alhaji, M. B. Aliyu, A. M. Adamu, A. M. Adeiza, W. D. Nafarnda, A. Usman, I. A. Odetokun, A. Hassan, M. K. Lawan, F. O. Fasina (Author)

Safety Evaluation of bioactive Sub-Fraction of Lawsonia inermis Linn leaves in Male Wistar Rats

22-27 A. Aremu , A. O. Oridupa , A. Basiru, J. Akorede, O. A. Ahmed (Author)

Effects of Calocybe indica Mushroom on Oxidative Stress and Hematological ‎Alterations in Rats with Testosterone-induced Experimental Benign Prostatic ‎Hyperplasia

28-34 R. I. Onoja, A. L. Ogara, J. I. Ihedioha, S. V. O. Shoyinka (Author)

Trypanocidal effects of Balanites aegyptiaca Del. (Zygophyllaceae) Leaf ‎Extract and Suramin on Trypanosoma evansi Experimental Infection in ‎Albino rat

35-43 A. M. Abdullahi, K. D. Malgwi, E. T. Onyiche, K. B. Bukar, M. Kassu, S. Muhammad, N. Daniel (Author)

Evaluation of Anaesthetic Indices and Physiological Variables Following Total Intravenous Anaesthesia with Acepromazine-Butorphanol-Propofol Combination in Dogs

44-49 R. H. Gapsiso, M. A. Umar, A. Mohammed (Author)

Infrared Thermography following Castration, Otectomy and Gastrotomy in ‎Nigerian Indigenous Dogs

50-56 A. M. Saidu , J. O. Olorunfemi, D. Laku (Author)