Published: Apr 6, 2021

Pelvic and Testicular Biometry of Sahel Goats in Maiduguri, Nigeria

1-5 A. Abba, A. R. Mustapha, U. M. Bamanga, D. Iliyasu, I. D. Peter, S. O. Asuku, J. Stephen, M. A. Waziri (Author)

Platelet Indices and Erythrocyte Parameters in Healthy Police Dogs in Khartoum State – Sudan

6-12 A. A. Abdullah, S. A. Omer, A. Musa (Author)

Effectiveness of Castration with Burdizzo, Calcium Chloride and Olive Oil in ‎Sahel Bucks

13-20 D. Laku, A. Mohammed, M. M. Bukar (Author)

Haematological Profile of Naturally Infected Haemoparasite Positive and ‎Negative Japanese Quails (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

21-26 A. J. Jubril, G. Olushola, A. A. Adekola, l. A. Adekunle, R. Antia (Author)

Serological and Molecular Detection of Avian Influenza Virus ‎Hemagglutinin (H5) in Wild Birds in and around Zaria, Nigeria

Avian influenza in wild birds in Zaria, Nigeria

27-31 P. I. Alonge, S. B. Oladele, F. B. Hassan, O. Orakpoghenor, J. Samuel (Author)