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This study was carried out to document the pelvic and testicular biometric characteristics of Sahel goats. Record of body weight, body condition score, height at withers, scrotal length, scrotal circumference and external pelvic circumference were obtained from 400 male and 600 female Sahel goats. All the goats were approximately 1.5 years old and weighing 14 to 18 kg, with body condition score of 3 or 4 (scale of 1-5). The mean bodyweight of Sahel bucks was 15.12 ± 1.10 kg while that of Sahel does was 13.22 ± 1.12 kg, height at withers in bucks and does were 52.22 ± 1.20 cm, and 48.13 ± 1.23 cm respectively. The scrotal length and circumference in Sahel bucks were 11.39 ± 1.12 cm and 17.95 ± 1.21 cm respectively. The external pelvic circumference in Sahel does was 55.13 ± 1.16 cm. There was significant (P<0.05) positive correlation between the body weight and body condition score in bucks (r=0.52) and in does (r=0.42). It was observed that there was weak but positive correlation between the body weight and height at withers (r=0.34), in bucks and in does (r=0.25; P <0.5). A low but significant positive correlation was found between the body weight and scrotal circumference r=0.28, (P<0.05) in bucks. There was a highsignificant positive correlation between the scrotal length and scrotal circumference r=0.66, (P <0.05).  The external pelvic circumference in Sahel does was also significantly positively correlated with body weight r=0.40, (P<0.05) and with the body condition score r= 0.33, (P<0.05). In conclusion, the body weight, body condition score, height at withers, scrotal length, scrotal circumference and external pelvic circumference of Sahel goats in Maiduguri were successfully determined, these parameters studied might serve as a bases for determining the breeding soundness of Sahel goats.


Biometry, External Pelvic, Post pubertal, Sahel goat, Testicular

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Abba, A., Mustapha, A. R., Mustapha, B. U., Iliyasu, D., Peter, I. D., Asuku, S. O., Stephen, J., & Waziri, M. A. (2021). Pelvic and Testicular Biometry of Sahel Goats in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Sahel Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 18(1), 1-5. Retrieved from


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