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Bovine tuberculosis is an important public health and economic disease in Nigeria. This study reports the prevalence of tuberculosis in cattle slaughtered at the central abattoir in Maiduguri, Nigeria. Post mortem examination of 664 cattle carcasses was done at the abattoir for 6 months. The lesions collected were processed by using NALC-NaOH and subjected to acid-fast staining and microscopy. The overall prevalence of tuberculosis based on gross tubercle lesions in cattle slaughtered at Maiduguri abattoir was 62 (9.3%). Female cattle 43 (16.7%) had significantly (p = 0.0001) higher prevalence of tubercle lesions than male cattle 19 (4.7%). Cattle with thin body condition had 44 (21.2%), optimal body condition 16 (5.8%) and overweight cattle 2 (1.1%). There was significant (p = 0.0001) difference between body condition and occurrence of tubercle lesions. Prevalence of tubercle lesions in adult cattle was 29 (17.7%), young adults (25 (7.8%) and calves 8 (4.3%).  Tubercle lesions were most common in thoracic lymph node and lungs than other organs. The prevalence of tuberculosis by Ziehl-Neelsen microscopy was 6.2% (41/664). There was significant (p=0.0001) differences in the prevalence of tuberculosis by Ziehl-Neelsen microscopy and demographic variable except for breeds. Tubercle lesion is endemic in cattle slaughtered in Maiduguri central abattoir. One Health approach is recommended to prevent zoonotic transmission to humans and economic losses among farmers and butchers.


Bovine tuberculosis; Body condition; Cattle; Maiduguri; Nigeria

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Lawan, F. A., Ejeh, E. F., Waziri, A., Kwanashie, C. N., Kadima, K. B., & Kazeem, H. M. (2020). Prevalence of Tuberculosis in Cattle Slaughtered at Maiduguri Central ‎Abattoir, Nigeria. Sahel Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 17(3), 14-21. Retrieved from


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